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The Druid Curse

From Kidwelly, Wales in 1675 to the present Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia comes an ancient curse that results in death. Only Penny and Chris know the secret. Only they can stop

ISBN10 : 0595089208 , ISBN13 : 9780595089208

Page Number : 128

The Druid S Curse

The Druid's Curse takes us on a two thousand year journey of reincarnation through the lives of ancient Druid's during the reign of Julius Ceaser, the legendary tale of Merlin and

ISBN10 : 1511451718 , ISBN13 : 9781511451710

Page Number : 564

The Curse

When demonic Svart Trolls invade Atlanta, Evalle Kincaid seeks help from Black Ops specialist Isak Nyght, which further complicates her relationship with the mysterious Skinwalker,

ISBN10 : 9781451671988 , ISBN13 : 1451671989

Page Number : 390

The Curse Of Kalaan

Egypt  November 7th, 1828 For Kalaan Phoebus, the count of Croz, a surprise encounter with Jean-François Champollion on the outskirts of the ancient Egyptian city of Tell el-Am

ISBN10 : 9781539067160 , ISBN13 : 1539067165

Page Number : 332

Curse Of The Bell

This is a chilling tale that combines historical facts and fictional characters of a ghostly curse that plaques a small town in upstate New York. This is a book about an old Druid

ISBN10 : 9781420888423 , ISBN13 : 1420888420

Page Number : 164